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Kinney Karate Award-Winning Martial Arts Since 1969.  Join beginner classes today in St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park.  EIGHT Locations!


Beginners Classes Start Daily

Participation develops coordination, Positive self image, realistic goal setting, fitness, concentration, self-defense, self-control, bully protection skills, and more.

Fun, Safe and Professional

Low Monthly Cost, NO Contracts, NO Hidden Fees, No high pressure sales.





Memorial service update:

A private family funeral is being held this Saturday. In lieu of flowers, donations to the family to help defray funeral expenses can be sent to 5865 37th Ave N #27, St Petersburg FL, 33710, care of Chris Kinney.

A celebration of life event is being held at Northwest Community Center on Sunday, October 19th at 3pm. This is potluck and open to any and all wishing to pay their respects and spend time celebrating the life of Soke Michael Kinney.

Call 727-686-0864 for details


Our Martial Arts training includes classes in Karate,
Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Modern Arnis, and Self Defense training that works

Karate for Pre-School (starting at age 4)
Kids Karate (Elementary and Middle school)
Family Martial Arts Classes (parents can join in too)
Classes for Teens and Adults
Personal Protection Self Defense and Fitness Training
Class fees start at $30 a month

Since 1958, the foundation of Kinney Karate training has been a
"combination" of effective multiple Martial Arts styles.

We teach EFFECTIVE skills with your safety in mind.
Kinney Karate is practical, efficient, and our program works!

Why Kinney Karate? 
We are traditional in our values, and we are progressive in our training.
We teach using contemporary educational methods that are effective.
In our school, we teach refined techniques that stress control, quality, and skill.
We focus on each students specific body type, ability, and expectations.
We focus on your physical fitness from the perspective of learning
Kinney Karate is more than a sport- it is an art form.

Kinney Karate is founded on the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.
Our techniques also have a history of Okinawan, Japanese,
and Chinese Martial Arts, using kinetically correct movements. 
We were one of the FIRST schools in
America to teach Jiu-Jitsu, and Aikido to the
already effective kicking, and punching of Karate. 
We were pioneers in early American tournament Karate,
before it was commercialized.  In 1980,
Modern Arnis (Escrima) was added to the Kinney Karate system.

Our school has a unique and rich martial arts history and we hope you will take a look, and learn more about our school in our comprehensive website.

Learn more about our founder and Instructor
Michael Kinney
celebrating 50 years
In the Martial Arts


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In memory of our beloved founder and Grandmaster, Soke Michael Kinney