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Kinney Karate- Our Unique Style

Kinney Karate teaches the principals, and philosophies of traditional martial art styles, while using modern applications of forms, and fighting strategies. We go far beyond the skills of just one Korean, Japanese or Asian art. We represent the past, and the future of martial arts. We are constantly adapting to change. We keep many traditions from our martial artist history, because they make training sense, and we love what we do.  We are a school that has a commitment to our students to build character, instill humanity, teach respect, honesty, courage, friendship, and patriotism. 

Kinney Karate is a blend of Korean Tang Soo Do, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Chinese Kenpo and other useful applications of many martial arts skills.  The regimen includes spectacular kicking, punching, unique fighting techniques and realistic self defense principles based on techniques that work no matter what size you are.   Flexibility and stamina is part of the program and it's part of the fun.  We like to say that it's "fitness with a purpose."  Students often say that they work so hard concentrating on what they are learning, that they find they are getting in shape "quickly" and is the "bonus" of Kinney Karate.  Other students believe the "bonus" is the self defense part of class, while still others find that stress relief, the internal feelings of physical stress relief, calm, and well being that they achieve from participation in classes is the unexpected achievement.

Kinney Karate includes instruction in Ju-Jitsu,  a Japanese art form that uses manipulation and throws to disarm or defend against a grabbing assailant.  We also incorporate Aikido into our style.  Aikido is a more modern art form that uses techniques with angular sweeping movements, twists, bending and the manipulation of joints and the ultimate controlling  of the opponent without strikes. 

Few schools teach these three important martial arts.  We also teach Modern Arnis, a form of stick fighting from the Philippines as taught by Remy Presas Sr.   We focus on Eight different martial art skill sets in Kinney Karate.  These include sparring, one-step sparring, self defense, pressure point, fighting arts, tactical, and training drills from Korean, Japanese. And Chinese martial arts.  

Kinney Karate teaches the principals and philosophies of traditional martial art styles, while using modern applications of forms, and fighting strategies.  We go far beyond the skills of just one Korean, Japanese or Asian art.  We represent the past, and the future of martial arts. and we are constantly adapting to change. We respect the past, from which have learned to respect and honor, and we are a school that you can expect to teach courage, honesty, friendship, humanity, and the value of commitment to our students.  

*Since 1969, Kinney Karate has been an internationally recognized, award winning program under the direction of Michael Kinney who is celebrating his 50th year in the Martial Arts in 2013. 

The Curriculum and Purpose

The Kinney Karate system is based on a twelve belt ranking system consisting of twelve forms (Kata's).  There are eight major areas of study. These are: forms (Kata's), , one-step sparring,  Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Modern Arnis, personal, and tactical defense, and a series of line drills that are done with and without partners.  

Each area that we study, has component’s that break down into further and more advanced learning.  An important part of our defensive training involves learning how to fall, for example. Students learn to judge in sparring and develop competition skills. We like to say the learning really begins when a student achieves their Black Belt.

Physical goals (not including technical skills) include; exceptional development of physical fitness, flexibility training, coordination skills, and power training, and the graceful execution of movement. Physical control of techniques, muscle acuity, and  and foot coordination are also included in the goals of training in Kinney Karate.

Mental skill and emotional development are also important aspects of the Kinney Karate system. Students are taught to think first before movement with separation of thought and technique being the goal. Students are encouraged to learn skills preventing anger from causing a loss of control. Students learn patience, to “lose” before “winning” to maintain a balance between ego and reality.  

In Kinney Karate the use of weapons is limited to learning the precise skills of Modern Arnis. Escrima sticks represent the ultimate self defense weapon. The use of Escrima sticks help to teach students to control their skills through commands triggering different parts of the body muscle group, much like a musician or dancer. Hundreds of Ju-Jitsu and Aikido techniques allow students to learn  defensive skills while developing coordination and gracefully execution. Other skills include the ability to do multiple techniques requiring exceptional motor skills.  Students learn to roll, fall and be thrown. They learn to be both an attacker and a defender.

In many ways, Kinney Karate is both a “soft” and “hard” martial art. By learning Ju-Jitsu and Aikido principals, students learn the softer aspects of going “with” a movement. The “Korean” influence form the basic “hard” movements. They are designed to show and build strength in techniques. The elements of both compliment each other to create Kinney Karate, a proven system of self protection skills, that also builds character, courage, honor, composure, and a life long commitment to teaching and mentoring others.

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