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Grandmaster Susan Serota, PhD

Originally from Huntington, NY, Susan moved to Florida in 1980. Before starting Kinney Karate she worked as an aerobics instructor with the YMCA and Largo Medical Center. In 2016 she retired from a fantastic career as a licensed interior designer specializing in commercial design.

Susan began her association with Kinney Karate as a spectator, watching her then 6 year old son Richy. Coming to the conclusion that doing is better than watching, she decided to start her own martial arts path. Now, 28 years later, Susan is an 8th Dan Grandmaster, Soke-dai and Doctor (PhD) of the Martial Arts. She has earned the love and respect of thousands of martial artists from all over the world and is personally responsible for the advancement of literally hundreds of black belts.


1992- US Open, Orlando, FL- 3 rd Place Women’s Kata

1992- US Open, Orlando, FL- 2 nd Place Women’s Fighting

1992- FAME (Florida Affiliation of Martial Arts Events) State Campion in Women’s Fighting

2003- Inducted into the EUSAIMAA (Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association) at the International Black Belt Hall of Fame & received my International Rank Certificate

2004- Pinnacle of Success Award presented EUSAIMAA

2005- Masters Award presented EUSAIMAA

2006- International Award of Leadership Award presented EUSAIMAA

2006- International Certification by EUSAIMAA

2008- Diamond Crystal Award of Knowledge presented EUSAIMAA

2010- Tested & was awarded my 7th Dan

2013- Inducted into the Hall of Honors, Shinja Martial Arts University

2014- Irish Cup 2014 – 1 st Place - Women’s Kata Division, Dublin, Ireland

2014- Master of Excellence Award presented Shinja Martial Arts University

2014-Named Soke-dai and tasked with the leadership of Kinney Karate following the death of Soke Kinney

2015-Promoted to 8th Dan, awarded Grandmaster certification and earned Doctor of Philosophy from ESUAIMAA’s College of Advanced Education and Martial Art Studies