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Durable Sparring Gear & Karate Uniform

Kinney Karate in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers American-made sparring gear and karate uniform with the five-color Kinney Karate logo. We have specific no-iron uniforms for beginner to advanced students.

Lightweight Karate Uniform

At 6 oz., these uniforms are great for beginners. They are made with a blend of polyester and cotton for added comfort. Only white uniforms are available. Prices start at $30, and increase with size, which goes from zero to eight. The uniform includes:

• Traditional Top
• Elastic Waist with Drawstring • White Belt

Middleweight Karate Uniform

For the extra control, the 10 oz. middleweight karate uniforms are perfect for intermediate to advanced students. The polyester and cotton blend offers additional comfort. Starting at $55, the cost of the uniforms increases with size, which runs from zero to eight. These uniforms come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, and black. Like their lightweight counterparts, the middleweight uniform also includes:

• Traditional Top
• Elastic Waist with Drawstring • White Belt
Karate Students with Different Colored Uniforms - Sparring Gear

Middleweight Uniform

Designed for the more advanced students, the middleweight uniforms are made from a tightly woven 14 oz. blend of polyester and cotton. They offer a traditional cut, with a design that presents a more professional look. They also include an elastic waist with drawstring, with larger gusset for smoother and more effortless kicking. Sizes go from one to eight, and the price starts at $65. Use our size chart to know the proper height and weight fitting for uniforms.

Protective Gear

Enjoy every sparring session with our full-vision, protective headgear. For footgear, we have sizes for children, men, and women. Formed to fit, our mouthguards come with a case, and are available in youth and adult sizes. We also have elastic, washable shin guards that are easy to put on and off. Because they are non-slip, they stay in place no matter how hard your sparring gets. For a full effect, we also carry complete sets of protective gear.

Contact us now in St. Petersburg, Florida, for high-end sparring gear & karate uniform.


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