(813) 563-9273      Kinney Karate, LLC is a BBB Accredited Martial Art Instructor in Saint Petersburg, FL

7627 Par Avenue N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Classes for Teens and Adults

Award-Winning KINNEY KARATE Classes are Fun, Safe, and Professional.  GET IN SHAPE FAST !!!!!!!

Participation in Kinney Karate develops coordination, personal fitness, concentration, self-defense, , self-control, and more!  Students learn practical life skills while getting in shape FAST! . Kinney Karate improves stamina and flexibility.

Kinney Karate classes include training in Korean, and Japanese style Karate, Chinese Keno, traditional Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, and Escrima Stick Arts (Modern Arnis). 

Kinney Karate teaches kicking, blocking, and striking techniques that will lead to realistic personal protection skills that work, and are ingrained into muscle memory.  

Surveys show that many teens and adults are concerned about what they see on TV, and what they might encounter in a martial arts class. 

Don't worry, at Kinney Karate, we teach a controlled program that doesn't involve knockouts, contact, slamming on mats, or breaking joints.  We teach small circle Ju-Jitsu, a fun, dynamic style both artistic in motion, and focused on self defense. 

We also teach a challenging style of sparring that uses protective equipment designed for freedom of movement and safety. We don't throw our students into an octagon, and we teach students to control any impulse to release testosterone on an unwilling partner.

Busy executive and Seniors are welcome.  You don't have to worry about coming into the office the next day with bruises.

We also have many students that participate with assorted disabilities, please feel free to call for information.

• Martial Arts Instruction since 1969 
• No contracts, gimmicks, sales pressure, 
  or hidden costs.  
• Learn at your own speed 
• Beginners welcome anytime during the month


  Kinney Karate is an "All-In-One" program that offers everything people are looking for in the upscale personal fitness market. The same benefits of kick boxing, aerobic training, running and other programs are built right into Kinney Karate.  
     As you train, you learn useful and fun, life skills at the same time.  No boot camps!!!  Many of the "trendy" aerobic style training programs are found in our unique ongoing fitness regimen.  
     You get in shape at your own speed, develop good habits, become flexible, and you do it with a two hour commitment, twice a week. The trick is, be patient, changes occur at a slower pace than the quick sell programs that most people fall for.  
     Most people fail at fitness programs because they want fast results, and then they fall back into old habits.  With Kinney Karate, there also is a special BONUS............As you get in shape, you learn useful and fun self defense skills.
     Our self defense program is internationally respected.  Techniques from all types of disciplines including, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Aikido, have all been part of the KINNEY KARATE curriculum for decades.   
     When you talk about martial arts disciplines, these skills integrate into life skills, and lessons that become invaluable as you live day-to-day. .