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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a beginner, how often should I attend classes?

A: We offer classes once or twice a week at most of our locations.  This scheduling gives a choice, and the ability to attend our classes and work around a busy schedule.  I do recommend twice a week for maximum learning speed, and retention, especially for younger children.  

Q: What is the youngest age that you start children?

A:  Age four is the youngest age we will accept.  Children at age four learn totally different skills then older children.  We have specially suited classes for this age level to insure their success.  We have plenty of boys AND girls in our classes at this age.  Please give me a call to discuss how we can do the best job training your four to seven your old children. 727-482-6683.

Q:  Are spectators welcome?

A:  Spectators are always welcome to visit our classes and talk to the Instructors, parents and students. Many of our classes are large.  Don't be intimidated.  Those classes are limited to a certain skill level and are broken down into smaller groups as the class progresses. A large class is a good thing in the martial arts.

Q: Can I try a class to see if I like it?

A:  Sure, just to make sure you are going to the right class for you, and the instructor is prepared for your visit, it is imperative that you please give me a call in advance at, 727-686-0864.                                            

Q: Are you a "Mixed Martial Arts" school?

A: This question opens up a bag of worms. Most schools are "Mixed Martial Arts" schools.  However, many use this term to capitalize on the commercial aspect of "MMA," and it confuses most people.  Yes, our school teaches a "Mixture" of and combination of styles and systems. Yes, our school also teaches Ju-Jitsu including the more recent system known as Brazilian.  However, no, we are not the type of school you think of when you see MMA on TV, or see combative full contact, cage style fighting practiced in a commercial setting. Realistically, our students are highly trained and disciplined in the same style of skills but without the sensationalistic form of violence, danger, or injury that you see for the sake of entertainment 

Q: Do I have to compete if I join Kinney Karate?

A: We do not endorse any particular competition in our school.  I love the sport aspect of the martial arts. Several of my instructors and I are active certified officials in the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), and the Junior Olympics.  We do have intramural events within our school and our Black Belts do sometimes choose to compete in large legitimate events.  In the past I was involved in competitive karate.  However, times have changed and now, I prefer to spend our time at Kinney Karate focusing on the many other valuable skills we have to offer our students