(813) 563-9273      Kinney Karate, LLC is a BBB Accredited Martial Art Instructor in Saint Petersburg, FL

7627 Par Avenue N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Kids LOVE Kinney Karate

Our program offers instruction for children starting at age 4 years old through middle school.  We focus on age specific skills thatkeep children's attention in class, as we teach them in a fun, yet disciplined, and focused class environment.

Our classes work in small groups, focusing on age, and ability level, but also work from inside a larger group to learn respect, self-control, concentration skills, personal fitness, and coordination. 

Students at Kinney Karate learn, and develop skills at their own pace.

We specialize in developing social skills, learning habits and improving attention spans.  All Children respond to our award-winning program.  Kinney Karate teaches far more than fundamental coordination techniques. We develop skills that focus on thinking first before moving, and reacting. 

After a year of our training, your child will stand out among their peers. 

Kinney Karate is FUN, energetic, and our classes are unlike any other martial arts school.  The 50 years of experience of our founder and director, Michael Kinney set us apart from all others. Ask for references to verify this!.  Mr. Kinney will be happy to provide you with great testimonials from students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

Call 727-482-6683 to discover the location nearest you that may suit your child's age, or specific need.